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5 Reasons to choose a folding electric wheelchair

Folding electric wheelchairs can be an excellent mobility aid for a variety of different people.  folding electric wheelchairs

Whether you are struggling with a disability, or are simply getting older and finding it harder to get around, a folding electric wheelchair can make getting around in everyday life much easier, and in many cases this can mean a major boost in your independence.

Below are 6 reasons you should consider a folding electric wheelchair:

Upper body strength

For many people who are considering a wheelchair, a manual chair is not an option. One reason for this is weaker upper body strength. This includes conditions that can affect control over their hands and arms. The major advantage of an electric chair is that in most cases, all movement is controlled by a single joystick.

Easily deal with steep inclines

This ties in with the previous point. However, it is not only people with upper body issues that can struggle with a manual chair. Even the most competent of manual chair owners is probably not the biggest fan of steep inclines. Let’s face it, pushing yourself up a steep hill can be hard work. There is also the issue of rolling back and dealing with uneven surfaces on an incline.


An electric wheelchair completely removes these problems as the motor can easily deal with steep gradients and rougher terrain without a loss in power and stability.

Travel over larger distance

If you don’t travel far each day, then a manual wheelchair can be a great option. They are quite affordable, and they can be a good way to get some exercise into your daily routine.

However, once the journeys become a little longer it can get a little more difficult. Or perhaps you will need to rely on somebody else to help you travel further.

Most Folding electric wheelchairs have excellent battery life. This means you can travel long distances on a single charge without any drop in performance. Most chairs will travel 20-30 miles on a single charge.

Easily manoeuvre in small spaces

Another great thing about folding electric wheelchairs is they are much better for operating in more restrictive spaces. For example, moving around the home or navigating around obstacles and difficult paths. This is because a folding electric chair has a much smaller turning circle. Some models can be as low as 50cm.

In comparison a standard manual wheelchair would need much more space and a mobility scooter would be even worse needing at least 4X the space of a folding electric wheelchair.

Compact storage

This is another big benefit of folding electric wheelchairs. They are very compact when folded, which makes them perfect for storage. This can be handy either in or outside the home.

One of the main areas where this becomes very useful is when traveling. Due to the small compact size and light weigh, folding chairs can easily fit in the boot of a car. Its also easy to store them on trips abroad, as they can easily be stored in the airplane’s baggage compartment.


These are just a few examples of benefits you can get from a folding electric wheelchair. A few other noteworthy mentions include:

  • Most chairs are very comfortable and offer excellent support.
  • The chairs usually charge quickly.
  • Very easy to drive even for young children

As you can see there are many benefits to folding electric wheelchairs.

If any of the above apply to you directly then it is highly likely that a folding electric chair would be a great choice to help you live o the fullest.

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