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Rollators: All You Need to Know

Having searched through several websites, are you still tumultuous about which mobility aid device to purchase? After all, investing in the right mobility aid is extremely important as it will be able to cater to your needs better. If this concerns you, here we will introduce you to rollators!

This article will have a detailed walk-through of the said mobility device. We will discuss all possible advantages and disadvantages of rollators and the price comparison between other medical aids. The article will also cover details about the previous consumers’ shape, size, and overall review.

A Rollator

What is a Rollator?

Mobility aids are essential to improve the quality of life for those who cannot move freely. Without such devices, physically disabled people would not be able to enjoy their lives and will be fully dependent on someone. For decades, the wheelchair has been the go-to medical aid for disabled people. But these old devices have quickly been replaced by the most advanced and efficient medical aid, the “Rollator.”

A rollator is a much more advanced version of a wheelchair; how come? Well, a Rollator is much more stable and stylish than different medical aids. Rollators comes in different sizes and color and with different wheel versions. Also, a rollator comes with a seat to assist disabled people so they can enjoy the long journey and have fun at their adventures. Most of the rollators also have a basket to hold your belongings.

Interested in purchasing one? Click here to check out a lightweight, height-adjustable rollator!

Why Should You Purchase a Rollator?

Rollators, when compared to other mobility devices, have several advantages. These advantages are what make them helpful for its user. Such advantages are described below, which will make your decision to invest in a rollator easier.


The most obvious perk of having a rollator is that it has wheels attached to the end of each leg. This enables you to move more freely and smoothly. Rather than having steady yourself to lift and make movement step by step. For some individuals, this could be a tough and exhausting process and a lot of work, which could be extremely difficult. The wheels on the rollator eliminate the need for this motion, making it easier to use, especially for those with more limited strength and mobility.

If you are worried about the wheels of the rollator, roll away. Well, nothing to worry about for that as well. All rollators come with breaks; a tiny squeeze will apply the brakes and make the rollator stop. So, by this, you don’t have to worry about your rollator moving away on hills and slopes.

Further, narrowing it down, you will also see the variation in the rollator. A rollator can be found on three and four wheels. A three-wheel rollator is a lighter turning radius and is quite easy to navigate in narrow spaces compared to a four-wheel rollator. But one thing to consider about the three wheels rollator is that it can handle less weight and does not come with an option of a seat.

Whereas the four wheels rollator is more stable and also comes with the option of a built-in seat, one thing you should consider is that four wheels rollator is wide and not easy to maneuver in narrow spaces. It’s also harder to lift as compared to three rollators. If these features excite you, click here to find a four-wheel rollator!


Most walkers are solely designed for walking only. This fails to address the most important issue. The issue is that many individuals who use walkers need to take some rest while on their journey. But if you are using a standard walker and need a break, you need to find a spot to sit and relax, which makes it quite inconvenient because it’s not always possible to find a place to have that moment of relaxation.

On the other hand, rollators come with a built-in seat between the bars of the walker. This makes it easier for the user to take a break, turn around, and sit. Having such a feature available gives it a little upper edge and makes it convenient for some people as it is vital for their health and well-being.

Compact options

The size of basic or standard walkers doesn’t tend to vary much, although most are still lightweight. But it can be quite difficult to move such walkers in small and compact places. The rollators come in different sizes, shapes, and styles, so you can use the one that perfectly fits you the best.

For starters, rollators have a minimum starting weight of eleven pounds. As it would appear, the weight of a normal rollator is around fifteen pounds. These numbers might look small. However, they are able to make a huge impact and difference for someone struggling with limited mobility and strength.

Indoor/outdoor models

The basic walker is not designed to move around on rough surfaces. This restricts the use of the basic wheeler on rough terrain and also bounds the user. However, some rollators are designed for multipurpose. This feature enables them to function both at home and outside. The grip and wide wheels make it easy for the user to move on uneven surfaces so that you can enjoy a stroll in the park and other spaces with your family.

Tall frame and height adjustments 

Walking upright promotes energy level and helps in easy breathing. In light of the mentioned, a rollator with a tall frame will help you move around better and feel better. The adjustable height settings on a rollator that the medical aid can be used by a wide demographic. Click here to discover a rollator with height adjustable arms!

Minimum cost

With all the advantages that a rollator provides, you might be wary of its price. Though, you should not worry! Prices of rollators are quite affordable. Normally, the price of a rollator starts from fifty dollars. This price may exceed if you choose to add on to its accessories. Cup holder is one of the most common accessories that are used. You can click here to find one! Even after adding the accessories, the overall cost of the rollator will reach a maximum price of seventy dollars.  

The prices mentioned are quite low. It will also be quite beneficial for you to invest directly in a rollator. This is because it has a greater lifespan and provides comfort.

Why Rollators Might Not Be the Perfect Choice

Unfortunately, just like any other mobility aid, rollators have certain disadvantages. These disadvantages reduce the desires or perhaps even outweigh the other benefits it may be offering.

Not intended to bear weight 

A person will typically need a walker for one of two reasons: either they find it difficult to maintain their balance on their own, or they need to lean on something to take some of the weight off their legs. The latter person is the target audience for standard walkers, built to support some of your weight and allow you to lean on them as you advance with your feet.

On the other hand, rollators are made for the first kind of mobility aid. Leaning significantly on a rollator can be extremely dangerous for your safety because they have wheels on all of their legs. This is true even if you’re utilizing the hand brakes. So instead, a rollator’s purpose is to assist you in maintaining your balance while not supporting any of your weight.

Heavy Weight 

The majority of conventional walkers are constructed from hollow, lightweight aluminum tubes. This implies that they are light, which is crucial because the user needs to be able to lift and propel the walker with each step. On the other hand, rollators are typically heavier. However, this is usually not an issue when used because they move easily and don’t need to be lifted.

A rollator might be too hefty if you frequently load and unload your walker into a car or need to raise it manually for any other reason. Although there are lighter options, consider that they are still heavier than a typical walker when deciding which is best for you.

Your Decision

Ultimately, it is safe to assume that this article contains enough details and relevancy to help you purchase your rollator. This will help you make the perfect and easy purchase decision. 

Having known all the advantages and disadvantages, you will now easily differentiate between a three-wheel and a four-wheel rollator and their pros and cons. Not only this, but you will also know the potential use of a rollator and will easily compare it with other available medical aids in the market. By the end, you will be all hassle-free and with your mind made up for your next buying decision.

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