Ultra Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter – UK’s Leading Model

go go elite lightweight mobility scooter

If you’re looking for an ultra lightweight folding mobility scooter there are plenty of options on the market.

Our favourite lightweight scooter is the Pride Go-Go Elite. This is based on its light weight and ease of use. As well as its low price.

The Go GO Elite is not the lightest scooter in the UK. However, it is lightweight, at just 35kg.

Its also compact when folded, which makes it easy to store and transport in most car boots.

If you are looking for a low cost, lightweight scooter you wont go far wrong with the Go-Go Elite.

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What if you want even lighter?

There is one model that takes low weight and compact storage size to the next level.

The Microlite is the lightest folding mobility scooter available in the UK. The light weight is due to the scooters aluminium frame and its total weight comes in at just 39lb (17.9kg). It is also one of the most compact lightweight scooters in the world. This means that once it is folded down the Microlite is ideal for easy storage.

Also due to its compact size it is the perfect solution for traveling. It will easily fit in the boot of a car and its lithium Ion batteries are completely safe and approved for air travel.

ultra lightweight folding mobility scooter

More benefits of an ultra lightweight folding mobility scooter

More Independence

This is true for any type of mobility scooter or wheelchair. But it is even better with a lightweight scooter like the Microlite, because it gives two major advantages.

The first advantage comes down to the size. Because the scooter is compact and has a small turning circle (820mm) you have access to areas that are not accessible with a larger models, including larger wheelchairs.

The second reason is its weight. Because it is so much lighter than other folding mobility scooters, this means you are far less likely to require assistance when folding down and storing. This is helped even more when you remove the seat and the battery. Once these two parts are removed and the scooter is folded, its storage weight is just 26.2 lb (this is roughly the average weight of a 2 year old child).

Decent speed

The Microlite has a decent top speed of 3.7 mph (6 kph) and a second slower speed option of 2.1mph (3.3 kph). The top speed here would generally be considered a brisk walking pace and the lower speed is more of a casual stroll. At both speeds the Microlite gives a very comfortable and even ride due to its “sprung” comfort seat suspension.

Simple to operate

The Microlite folding mobility scooter is extremely easy to operate. It comes with a simple key ignition and an easy to use accelerator mounted on the handlebar. There is also a switch to alternate between the two different speeds and a second switch that allows you to switch between forward and reverse gears.

Good on steep gradients

Being an ultra-lightweight mobility scooter means that the Microlite is very good on hills. Also there is an extendable set of anti-tip wheels to the rear that will prevent the scooter from tipping backwards.

Good battery life

A full charge will last for a travel distance of roughly 5 miles. This makes the Microlite ideal for local daily use.

Who would benefit from a lightweight folding mobility scooter?

There are many people who could benefit from an ultra lightweight folding mobility scooter. This would include elderly people who need assistance getting around in day to day life. As well as younger and older people with mobility issues.

Due to the simplicity and ease of use it can also be used by children who suffer with disabilities and mobility issues. Although, in this case there may be better solutions such as folding electric wheelchairs that can be used more effective indoors as well as outdoors.

The only people who would not be suitable for this ultra lightweight mobility scooter would be those people over 220 lb. The chairs compact size and light weight means that it is not designed for larger adults. For people over 220lb a folding electric wheelchair may again be a better option.

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