Mobility Devices for Multiple Sclerosis & Balance

Remaining active by maintaining mobility and balance is important for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). While this may be tough at times, you may be able to discover ways to become independent that may excel your confidence. Eventually, such confidence might lead to a healthier life too!

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an illness that has the potential to disable the brain and the spinal cord. Such a disease involves an attack on the nerve fibers’ protective layer. Consequently, this leads to a gap in communication between the brain and the rest of the body. Unfortunately, this disease can completely deteriorate the nerves by causing severe irreversible damage. Till now, there has been no cure for such a disease.  

Among many symptoms of MS, losing balance is a common one. This symptom might result from multiple factors, including muscle tightness/weakness or the muscles having trouble coordinating with the brain. As scary as that sounds, technological advancement has made life much easier! There have been several developments related to mobility aids that can help make walking easier for people with MS.

Now that it has been cleared, you must wonder what type of mobility aid you should opt for. The options are endless, but not all are meant for you! With the help of this article, we will guide you about new mobility devices that can help make balancing easier for people suffering from MS.

Here are three options that you must weigh out!


In contrast to a walker, a rollator is not lifted when you move. You can move rollators forward since they have wheels. Consider using a rollator if you suffer from stability problems and require more help and assistance. The rollator might prevent you from tripping. Moreover, it just makes it simpler for you to move, particularly over long distances.

A Rollator for Better Balance

Many rollators come with moveable seats so that you can take breaks as necessary. Another thing to think about is adjustable height. Another security item to consider is hand brakes. Due to their compact size and ease of storage, and portability, folding rollators are preferred by many.

Additionally, a rollator is popular because it can be used both inside and outside. Take your demands into account before selecting any kind of helpful device. Before choosing, you might also wish to try other sizes and designs. Finally, consider how much room you have to house any equipment you intend to buy.

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Motorized Lift Chair

A lift chair initially has a striking resemblance to a recliner. There is a clear distinction, though, and it may be to your advantage. With the help of a lift chair’s function, you can effortlessly get out of your sitting posture by having the base of the chair raised or tilted forward.

If your worry revolves around straining your hip joints or knee – a lift chair is your best friend then! Plus, it is also helpful if you require standing on your feet.

One aspect to remember is that motorized lift chairs often come in various sizes and designs. This is done to fit your requirements and preferences particularly.

Electric Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters, often known as power scooters, enable the user the flexibility to go around. Contemplate getting a scooter if your mobility is restricted. You can click here to check out!

Think about which type of scooter you would prefer. A traveling scooter or a full-sized scooter? The question is tough. In comparison to lightweight versions, heavy-duty electric scooters often have a larger maximum load and a longer travel distance. Additional elements could include support, comfortable design, inspection mirrors, and emergency lights. There might also be supplementary baskets that are optional.

Think about how many kilometers you would need to travel on a single battery recharge before selecting your motor scooter. Think about whether you prefer a model with three choose a model with three wheels or four wheels. A four-wheel variant might provide greater stability and a more durable design.

What You Should Buy to Maintain Balance

In light of the above discussion, you must have understood the different types of mobility aids described. Furthermore, you may also be aware of the pros of all the mentioned mobility aids. Each of this mobility equipment has been designed for people with different requirements.

Now it is upon you to evaluate your requirements. Subsequently, you can purchase mobility equipment that can help you the best. More specifically, you must keep the intensity of lack of balance because of your MS.

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