Self Folding Mobility Scooter – Folds in Just 10 Seconds

If you are considering a folding electric scooter, then one other option you may want to investigate, is a self folding mobility scooter.

self folding mobility scooter

Folding mobility scooters are becoming more and more popular with disabled and elderly people. They make day to day life easier. They do this by taking standard mobility scooters and adding the ability to conveniently fold away. This makes them fantastic for storing around the house and traveling. Most models easily fit in the boot of a car, and due to lithium batteries, they are suitable for air travel.

However, for some people they may still struggle with manually folding their scooter. In these cases, a self folding mobility scooter could be the answer.

A self folding mobility scooter completely removes this issue, as it folds and unfolds at the click of a button. This means that you no longer have the hassle of manually removing parts and folding everything down.

The DB-W3 Self Folding Mobility Scooter

One of the most popular models here in the UK is the DB-W3 from Better Products For Disabled. You can see a quick 10 second video below of this chair in action.

As you can see this scooter makes the whole process extremely simple. You just press the button and in a matter of seconds the scooter folds or unfolds itself.

Once the DB-W3 scooter is folded, it also has an extendable handle which can be used to pull the scooter along like a trolley. Due to this feature it rarely needs lifting and can be easily manoeuvred once folded.

The only time you will need to lift this scooter is to place it in the boot of a car. Obviously, this is not possible for everyone, but for those that can, the DB-W3 is relatively light at just 26kg. For those who will struggle at this point you may need a friend or family member to help. Alternatively, you may want to consider an automatic car hoist. Depending on the model, a good hoist can usually lift anywhere from 40-200kg, this makes lifting the DB-W3 self-folding mobility scooter a breeze.

DB-W3 self folding mobility scooter features

  • Top Speed – The DB-W3 is quite quick it has a top speed of roughly 4mph. This is equivalent to a brisk walk and makes it ideal for moving around in day to day life.
  • Light weight – At just 26.5kg the DB-W3 self-folding mobility scooter is lighter than most standard mobility scooters. This means that on the rare occasion where it does need lifting, it is relatively easy. Its light weight also makes it much easier to move around with its extendable handle. This makes it very easy to move around your house and store out of the way.
  • High load capacity – Despite being light weight and reasonably small, the DB-W3 is one of the strongest self-folding mobility scooters available in the UK. Due to its robust frame it can comfortably carry up to 18st in weight.
  • Good ground clearance – The scooter has a ground clearance of 61mm. This helps the DB-W3 take on rougher terrain without the worry of getting snagged and stuck on uneven ground.
  • Long Battery life – Again this is better than most other self-folding electric scooters on the market. The DB-W3 can travel for roughly 15 miles on a single charge. This makes it perfect for a variety of activities. Including, day to day use and longer days out.

Self folding mobility scooter prices and finance

Self folding mobility scooters usually cost slightly more than a standard mobility scooter. They generally range between £2000-£3000.

Obviously, this is not cheap, however, many companies offer finance options allowing you to spread the payment over 1-5 years.  

For Example: Better products for disabled offer 2 different types of finance. The first option is 0% interest, this can be taken out over 12 months and there is no interest to be paid. The payment plan simply allows you to pay for the chair over 12 payments. This option is also much easier to get approved for, as there is not a full credit check, just a simple search. Because of this the approval rating for 0% interest over 12 months is 96%.

The second option is a more standard form of finance that can be taken from between 1-5 years. This option is subject to interest on the overall amount. This type of finance will require a credit check and therefore it may be harder to get approved compared with the first option.

Who should consider a self folding mobility scooter?

A self folding mobility scooter is a great option for elderly people that want to make getting around easier. It is also a good option for people of any age that suffer with mobility issues.

Due to their small size and light weight, they are perfect for people who need a convenient mode of transport to get around in their day to day life. Just like any other mobility scooter or electric wheelchair, they are a fantastic way to gain more independence. This means that you will not need to be reliant on other people to go through your day to day life.


Here at folding mobility we are a big fan of self folding mobility scooters. They take an already convenient product (a folding mobility scooter) and make it accessible to even more people. This can only be a good thing, as it is helping more elderly and disabled people to live a full and independent life.

If you have any questions regarding self folding mobility scooters, please leave a comment below. Also, if you would like to learn more about the DB-W3 scooter mentioned in this article, you can visit Better Products For Disabled by Clicking Here

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