Walking Stick Seats – Start to enjoy walking again

Walking stick seats are a very popular and useful mobility aid.  As the name suggests they serve two main purposes. Firstly, they are a walking stick, which is already a very common aid for people with mobility issues.

But the main advantage is they can be converted into a convenient seat. This means that no matter where you are, you will always have somewhere to sit. This can make it much easier for people who get tired easily when walking. As you become more fatigued, you can simply unfold your walking stick and take the weight off your legs for a few minutes.

The main benefit of a walking stick with a seat

Walking is an issue for many people, but it becomes more common as people age. Studies show this is mainly due to lower strength and muscle mass in the legs as we get older.

One of the best ways to improve leg muscles is to walk more. A common issue for older people, is they become tired and are unable to rest whilst out for a walk. This can cause problems and in the worst case scenario it can even lead to injury. One of the best ways to avoid becoming too fatigued and risking a fall, is to take regular rest breaks.

Using a walking stick with a seat, means that you don’t have to rely on finding seating when you are out and about. This means you can walk for longer distances and still be confident that you will be able to rest when needed.

Most seated walking sticks are extremely simple to use and unfold in seconds. Once unfolded, you can take a seat and rest until you feel ready to walk again.

Different types of seated walking sticks

There are a few different styles of walking stick seats and these are best suited to different situations. Your level of balance and mobility will be a factor when choosing the right type.

Tripod walking stick

tri walking stick seat

Probably the most popular style is a tripod walking stick. These are light weight and are very easy to use. When being used as a walking stick you have the added benefit of 3 legs which can give extra stability and support.

Once unfolded they double as a very comfortable and sturdy seat. Perfect for everyday use. Also, on most models you can change the height, so they can be adjusted to find the perfect walking and seating position.

To see the tripod walking stick in action Click Here

Four legged folding walking stick

four legged seat stick

This style of walking stick seat is another popular option. Due to its four legs and sturdy design the seat is very stable, meaning it is ideal for people with mobility issues. The aluminium tube legs mean that this style of chair stick is extremely lightweight and easy to use.

When used as a walking stick it provides two points of contact with the ground. This means it provides excellent stability whilst walking.

You can read more details about this style of seated walking stick by Clicking Here

Collapsible walking stick with seat

This style of walking stick seat is designed for maximum convenience. It can easily be folded down to a very compact size and stored away. They are also very lightweight, which means they can be folded away and carried without much effort.

To turn this walking stick into a seat, you simply click a button under the handle and adjust it into a horizontal seating position. Due to its ease of use and convenient design, it is the ideal solution for many different activities, including: Hiking, walking, outdoor events and much more.

However, unlike the previous two walking sticks, this option does not provide any additional leg support when sitting. It is essentially just the single walking stick shaft that acts as the seats leg. This will be fine if you have good balance, but it might not be the best solution for everybody. People with lower levels of mobility might struggle to balance on this stick seat.

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How much to walking stick seats cost?

Generally walking stick seats are quite cheap. They range anywhere from $15 – $100+. Options in the higher price ranges are usually due to more expensive materials, such as leather seats and extra padding.

The cheapest of the above three options is usually the tripod walking stick. Ironically this is often the most popular. It is generally the easiest to use as a seat. Plus, when used as a walking stick it tends to be better than the four legged folding option.


Here at Folding Mobility we are a big fan of seated walking sticks. They are an extremely cost effective and useful mobility aid. Due to their simplicity and ease of use they are one of the best ways to improve walking in people with lower levels of mobility.

We hope you found this article on walking stick seats useful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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