Swivel car seat for disabled people

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A swivel car seat for disabled people can be very useful mobility aid. They make accessing vehicles much easier. Once secured on a vehicle seat they allow the user to rotate their legs into the car without much effort. This makes them very useful for a wide range of disabilities and mobility issues.

Most swivel car seats are very affordable. They usually range from £10-£20. So even at the higher end, they are a cheap mobility aid.

If you use a vehicle on a regular basis and struggle getting in and out, then a swivel car seat would be a very useful investment.

Swivel car seat for disabled options

When looking at swivel car seats for disabled people, there are a few main things you will want to consider:

  1. Ease of use. How easy is it to install in your vehicle and is it easy to operate?
  2. The cost. As we mentioned previously this is not a huge issue, as even the most expensive are still only around £20
  3. Comfort. This is probably the most important consideration. Even if it is cheap and easy to use, if it is not comfy, you will lose a lot of the benefit.

The good news is most swivel car seats for disabled are very easy to use. You just need to place them on your car seat and sit down. There is no need to attach them, as most are fitted with a non-slip rubber base. The base will stop your swivel seat from sliding and provide extra protection for the seat. Swivel seats also rotate through 360 degrees, this means there is no right or wrong way to place them on the seat.

Most swivel seats are also designed with comfort and support in mind. There are a variety of different cushions and fabrics used. Most use memory foam cushions, with a soft fabric cover.

3 Best Swivel car seats for disabled

Below we have listed 3 of the most popular swivel car seats. This is based on customer reviews, the level of comfort and the price.

 Pukkr wool cushion swivel seat

swivel car seat for disabled

Out of the swivel cars seats for disabled people we reviewed, this is our top pick. This is mainly from a comfort point of view. The seat is fitted with a plush cushion and the cover is a soft wool fleece. The main feedback given for this seat is how comfortable it is.

Below you can see the main features:

  • Comfort is the main priority and the soft wool fleece makes this seat extremely comfy
  • 360 degree swivel base and seat
  • Can be used in the car or taken out and used around the house. Perfect for things like hard wooden dining chairs.
  • Size is 40cm X 40cm, so it fits most car seats.
  • It also comes with a 2 year warranty. We particularly liked this. The product costs less than £20 but if it breaks in the first 2 years, they will replace it.

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Posture Cushion rotating memory foam cushion

posture cushion swivel seat

Our second choice was the swivel car seat from Posture Cushion. Again, this had lots of reviews for comfort. It also holds Amazons top choice badge on their UK store. This badge is awarded for highly rated and well-priced products.

Below you can see the main features:

  • Durable non-slip rubber base
  • Plush feel fabric cover, over a memory foam cushion for extra comfort.
  • 40cm at its widest point making it suitable for most cars. Can also be used around the house
  • 360 degree swivel seat and base

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Hardcastle swivel car seat for disabled

hardcastle swivel car seat

The Hardcastle swivel car seat is our final choice. In our opinion this is the best budget option. It is right at the bottom end of the price range. However, it still has a lot of very positive feedback. In fact, it has more reviews than the previous two seats combined.

Below you can see some of the main features:

  • 360 degree turning base uses ball bearings to reduce friction
  • Perfect for reducing strain on lower back and hips
  • Non-slip base to prevent sliding on car seats
  • Removable polyester cover
  • Diameter is 39cm, this is 1cm smaller than the previous two models
  • Despite its low cost it still comes with a high quality memory foam cushion

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Swivel car seat for disabled conclusion

Swivel car seats can be a useful aid for people with mobility issues. They are very simple devices, that solves a common problem for disabled and elderly people. What makes them even better is they are very affordable.

For anybody that struggles getting in and out of the car, it is a very convenient solution. If you are accessing a car on a regular basis it is guaranteed to make your life easier and safer.

We hope you found this useful. If you have any questions about swivel car seats for disabled people please leave them in the comments below.

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