Pride I Go Review – Is it the right wheelchair for you?

In this Pride I Go review we will be looking at the main features of this wheelchair. As well as who would benefit from using the chair on a day-to-day basis. The review will cover all the pros and cons that we found with this model. Finally, we will discuss where you can get the best price. Including the option for affordable monthly finance.

Pride i go review

The Pride I Go is a folding electric wheelchair from Pride Mobility. Its compact size and light weight make it ideal for daily use inside the home.

It is also a great chair for daily activities. Such as, travelling around your local area and performing daily tasks. This could include going to the shops and visiting friends and family. It is also small enough to access public transport, including busses and trains.

Travelling with the Pride I Go

One of the main benefits of the Pride I Go is its light weight and compact size. This makes it an ideal solution for travelling with. Once folded it will fit in the boot of most cars and is easy to lift in and out due to its light weight.

The chair weighs in at 19.8kg with the batteries removed. So, it is easy to lift and store for people with less serious mobility issues. If your mobility is more restricted, you may need a friend, family member, or carer to help with this.

The compact size when folded is also good for storage. This means that once the chair folds down, you can store it away and it doesn’t take up much space.

Pride I Go main features

pride i go faeatures

In this section of our Pride I Go review; we will be looking at the various features of this popular folding electric wheelchair. You can see all the main features below:

  • Light weight. As we have mentioned several times before, this is a very light chair. The I-Go weighs 19.8kg without batteries and roughly 22.5kg with both batteries installed.
  • Front wheel suspension provides a smoother ride. It absorbs the impact from bumps and changes in level. This is useful for things like going down curbs, or slightly uneven terrain.
  • A supportive durable seat and cushion make the I Go very comfortable. The seat is designed for maximum comfort. This helps to lower pressure on your hips and lower back.
  • Comes complete with 2 x 6.6 Ah, Li-ION Batteries. Each battery gives the wheelchair between 4-6 miles travel. They can be charged whilst in the wheelchair, or when removed.
  • Convenient under seat storage. This is ideal for storing personal items, or even small amounts of shopping.
  • The easy to use hand control system comes with a simple joystick. It also has a small horn and an easy to use speed control. This allows you to adjust through 5 different speed levels. Finally, the LED display shows speed level and current battery life.
  • Max user weight of 120kg (just under 19st)
  • Easy to pull along when folded and has two kick stands, which means it can be stood upright once folded.
  • Easy lift arm rests make it great for transferring to and from. This can be useful if you are moving to another seat in your house, or a vehicle.
  • Max speed of 4mph. This means at top speed it is equal to a brisk walk (average walking speed is roughly 3mph).

Pride I Go pros and cons

The Pride I Go is a great chair, but it might not be the best choice for everyone. That is why we have included this Pride I Go review with a pros and cons section.

You can see all the pros and cons below:

Pride I Go Review – Pros

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Very comfortable
  • Great for travel and storage
  • Fast charge and long battery life.
  • Good top speed
  • Comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Quite low price compared with similar models
  • Available with low cost monthly finance

Pride I Go Review – Cons

  • Not ideal for very rough terrain. The Pride I Go is not designed for off road use, it is more suited to smoother surfaces such as: pavements, shopping centres, home carpets, etc.
  • Not suitable for people over 120kg.
  • People with lower levels of mobility may need help folding, unfolding and storing. With that said, even when unfolded, the chair is very compact and doesn’t take up much space.

How much does the Pride I Go cost?

Any folding electric wheelchair is a considered purchase. In general, this type of electric wheelchair will range in price from roughly £1000 – £4000.

The good news is the Pride I Go is at the lower end of this range. If you shop around you can usually find this model for about £1600. At this price range the I-Go is far superior to most other models in the same price bracket.

The best price we have found was £1470 at Complete Care Shop. They also have an option to pay monthly with PayPal credit for around £70/month. You can see this deal by Clicking Here

Pride I Go review conclusion

We really like the Pride I Go here at folding Mobility. It has a lot of great benefits for people with mobility issues and is a great way to regain independence and get out and about more.

It is also very good value, most chairs in the same price range are lower quality. So, you are getting very good value for money.

There are only a couple of small negatives with this chair. Its weight restriction of 120kg mean it is not suitable for heavier individuals. Plus, it isn’t designed for off road use. But these are not going to be a big issue for a lot of people.

Overall, it is a good chair and is a great option if you need something to improve mobility in your day to day life.

We hope you found this Pride I Go review helpful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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