Orthopedic Chairs for the Disabled & Elderly – 5 Best Orthopedic chairs 2022

An orthopedic chair can be an essential piece of furniture for the elderly and disabled. This is due to the extra support that is provided by this type of chair.

Orthopedic chairs are designed for comfort and ease of use. The design is meant to support the user’s spine and skeletal system. Your orthopedic chair will do this by supporting your lumbar region and allowing you to sit comfortably with good posture. The ergonomic design means you are less likely to slouch or hunch over.

Due to the support and sitting position, orthopedic chairs are fantastic at reducing, or even eliminating existing aches and pains. They also do a very good job of preventing new issues from arising.

Generally, orthopaedic chairs are designed with a higher seat than a standard chair or sofa. This means they are much easier to sit in and get up from. The added height makes them much more accessible for elderly people and those with disability.

5 Best Orthopedic Chairs

Below are our top 5 orthopaedic chairs. These chairs have been chosen based on several factors. These include the popularity of each chair, average user reviews and the price.

MCombo Orthopedic Chair

The first chair on our list is the MCombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair. This is a consistent best seller and has a huge amount of positive customer reviews. You can see the main features below:

  • Material is soft and comfortable, whilst also being extremely hard wearing.
  • The chair is available in a variety of colours (beige, silver, plumb, green and brown)
  • It’s a recline and lift chair, allowing you easy access to sit down and stand up, or move to a wheelchair or scooter
  • High back seating position for added comfort.
  • It includes two cup holders and a USB charging port!

This chair has a large amount of positive feedback. According to user reviews it is very sturdy and comfortable. The height was regularly mentioned as a positive feature. There was only one very small negative that we saw, is that some assembly is required. With that said this is very simple to assemble and optional expert assembly can be purchased for $90.

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BarcaLounger Mission Craftsman Orthopedic Armchair

Our second choice is this orthopedic BarcaLounger. Renowned for its quality, BarcaLounger has been making quality chairs since 1941. This is another chair with a large amount of very positive reviews. You can see the main features below:

  • Recline option offers luxurious comfort with semi-attached pillow back
  • Only requires 2.5 lbs of pressure to release and push back, perfect for those with mobility issues
  • Made from soft textured leather for extra comfort
  • Beautifully hand-carved Mahogany stained wood
  • Comes in three beautiful colors (Shoreham Blue, Tuscan Sun, and Wenlock Fudge)

According to user reviews this chair is very comfortable. It also offers good back and posture support. Sitting down from standing is very easy and the height also make getting up much easier. One thing you should remember is, this chair also needs to be assembled, but assembly consists only of mounting the back onto the frame.

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Melcom Upholstered Wingback Massage Recliner Chair

This orthopaedic chair provides a classic look while still offering recline and massage functionality. The timeless design suits most living and bedroom decors, and the 6-point massage (back, lumbar, thigh) offers a full-body massage any day, any time, right from your own home. The main features can be seen below:

  • Medium to firm support and comfortable upholstery.
  • Comes in 3 colors (Coastline Style (pictured), Beige Plaid, and Grey Green Plaid).
  • 21 inch seat height
  • Maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs

This extra wide orthopaedic chair has some really good reviews. People particularly liked the extra width that came with this chair, they also commented on the comfort and the ease of sitting and standing from both heights. Many were also very happy with customer support from Melcom.

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Artechworks Winged Velvet Modern Chair

The fourth orthopaedic chair on our list comes from Artechworks. This chair is going to sit a little smaller, and is perfect for a reading room or office. It comes with wooden legs and velvet upholstery that is sure to look as good as it feels. You can see the main list of features below:

  • Sophisticated button and velvet tufting on padded cushions
  • Solid wooden frame upholstered in a durable yet comfortable fabric
  • Winged back adds additional support for those who tend to nap in their chair
  • Great warranty policy with free exchange for installation problems, damage and missing parts within 1 year
  • Once again, some assembly is required, and we recommend a handyman for this one

The user reviews for this chair are all very positive, they include comfort as a main feature, as well as a very supportive upright seating position. Also sitting down and standing up from this chair is much easier than a standard chair because of the built-in arm rests.

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Avawing Rocking Chair

The last orthopedic chair on our list is a little different. We included the Avawing Rocking Chair for those who find the rocking action soothing. In some cases, the act of rocking back and forth with one’s feet can be theraputic as well. This chair comes with a comfortable backrest, an ergonomic armrest, a thick cushion, and a padded rack base. Keep in mind though, that getting in and out of this chair will be a little more difficult due to the fact that it can move. So this chair is not advised for those with more severe mobility issues, unless you have an assistant.

Below you can see the main features of this orthopaedic chair:

  • Sturdy hardwood frame
  • Soft and comfortable fabric upholstery
  • Comes in a variety of colours (beige, black, blue, dark gray, and gray)
  • Specially designed for the elderly, the high backrest supports the entire back and the soft cushion allows you to sit for a long time without fatigue

Users also really love this chair, many people commented about the stylish design, particularly at such an affordable price.

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Orthopedic chair conclusion

If you are looking for an orthopaedic chair, then you have plenty of choice. The 5 mentioned above, are the chairs that we found most regularly purchased. They also consistently have very good reviews from previous customers. Plus, they are all very affordable ranging between roughly $200 – $600.

If you have any questions about any of the chairs mentioned in this article, please leave a comment below, or tell us what is your favorite chair!

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