Double Glazing Grants for the Disabled in the UK – Are Grants Available?

In this article we are going to be looking at double glazing grants for disabled people. This is slightly more complicated than it used to be, as there isn’t a specific grant for double glazing. However, there are several options that can potentially be used for double glazing.

double glazing grants for disabled

Up until 2015 getting double glazing grants for disabled people was much easier. This was due to a grant that was designed for exactly this reason. In fact, this grant was available to everyone, its name was the green deal.

What was the green deal and why was it cancelled?

The green deal was a government initiative that was set up to help people save on energy bills and it included double glazing. The government provided up to £7,600 in funding per household that qualified. This amount was a loan, which would be paid back over 10 years from the saving on your quarterly energy bill. Essentially this made the windows completely free, as you would save money on your energy consumption by having the double glazing installed.

The green deal was discontinued in 2015 due to a lack of interest from the public, many people blame this on a variety of reasons.

  1. Firstly, people applying for the grant had to pay for an assessment to see if they qualified. This cost £130 and was thought to have put a lot of people off.
  2. It just wasn’t advertised very well. Most people didn’t even know the scheme existed. When it launched in 2013, the goal was to help 250,000 homes. However, over a 2-year period only 15,000 took advantage of the scheme.

Alternative double glazing grants for disabled

Whilst there are no specific double glazing grants for disabled people. Someone who is elderly or suffers with disability is the most likely to obtain a broader grant that could cover new double glazing. Below are a few forms of help that are currently available that could be used as a double glazing grant for disabled people.

Disabled Facilities Grants

A disabled facilities grant is a grant that would be provided by your local council. They are available to people with a disability, who need to make changes to their home. The grant can be used for a variety of modifications, such as adding ramps, stairlifts, widening doors and improving heating and energy efficiency, which can include the installation of double glazing.

A disabled facilities grant is dependent on your income and savings and in some cases, you may need to pay towards the work carried out. However, in many cases the work will be paid entirely by your council.

In England the amount available is up to £30,000, so if you were only looking for a double glazing grant for disabled people, you may find that this can provide much more.

You can learn more about applying for a disabled facilities grant here

Housing aid for older people

Again, this grant is not specifically a double glazing grant, but it does cover repairing, or replacing old windows and doors.

The scheme is aimed at people over 66. However, it will be considered for people younger than this who are showing signs of hardship, that need the help.

To qualify for the scheme your property will need to be assessed and again you will be means tested. This means that your income, as well as any savings will be taken into consideration, before you are awarded any money. The maximum grant available from this scheme is £8,000 per household.

ECO (The energy company obligation)

ECO is an energy efficiency scheme set up by the government to help tackle fuel poverty in the UK. The scheme instructs large energy providers to install energy saving measures in British homes.

The scheme covers several different measures designed to lower energy costs. These include:

  • Loft and wall installation.
  • New boilers
  • More efficient heating systems

The scheme does not cover double glazing. However, it does have a sub scheme called the CSCO (Carbon savings community obligation)

The main goal of CSCO scheme is installing heat loss reduction measures. In some areas of the UK this will include secondary installation measures, such as double glazing, if it is believed this could have a significant impact on heat loss and energy wastage. You can check if you qualify here:

Double glazing grants for disabled conclusion

As you can see, double glazing grants for disabled people are not easily available. This is mainly because there is no one scheme designed specifically for glazing.

Most of the schemes are more focused on energy saving, necessary modifications and repairs. With that said, all the options mentioned in this article have the possibility of being used for double glazing. However, they will most likely be decided on a case by case basis.

If you are specifically looking for a double glazing grant, then the best thing you can do apply to the schemes listed above.

Every scheme is completely free to apply, so you really have nothing to lose. With a bit of look you could get the double glazing you want. Failing that you may find that you are eligible for other services the schemes offer.

Here at Folding Mobility our goal is to provide you the best information on disability products and ssues. We hope you found this information on double glazing grants for disabled useful. If you have any questions then please leave them in the comments below.

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