Do you need insurance for a mobility scooter?

do you need insurance for a mobility scooter

Mobility scooters are an extremely popular aid for the disabled, as well as elderly people with lower mobility. They are available in a variety of different styles and sizes and the larger class 3 models can even be used on the road.

One question we often get is, “do you need insurance for a mobility scooter?” The answer to this is no. It is not a legal requirement to have your mobility scooter insured. Even if you are driving on the road with a class 3 model insurance is not needed.

However, mobility scooter insurance is recommended. Generally, it is quite cheap and 1 whole year of insurance can cost as little as $40

The law for mobility scooter insurance

By law you do not need insurance for any type of mobility scooter or electric wheelchair. Even if your mobility scooter is classified as a class 3 invalid carriage and can be used on the road, there is still no law to say you must have insurance.

Mobility aids such as wheelchairs and scooters come in 3 different classes, which can be seen below:

  • Class 1. Which covers manual wheelchairs.
  • Class 2. This is for mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs with a top speed of 4 mph and a maximum weight of 113.4 kg.
  • Class 3. The last class is reserved for larger mobility scooters that weigh over 113.4 kg and have a top speed of up to 8mph. This type of scooter can legally be used on the road.

Many people assume that because a class 3 mobility scooter is road legal, it would need insurance. But this is not the case, insurance is not a legal requirement, even if you plan to drive on the road.

With that said, you will need to register your class 3 mobility scooter with the DVLA, and it must also meet several road worthy requirements, such as:

  • A flashing amber light to alert other road users
  • Working indicators that can also be used as hazard lights
  • A good quality horn that can be heard by other road users
  • Front and rear lights and reflectors
  • And a rear view mirror

If any of these are not present, you could be stopped by the police and removed from the road.

If your mobility scooter is class 2, you will not be allowed on the road and you will not need to register your vehicle or follow any of these requirements.

Should you still get mobility scooter insurance?

Despite not needing insurance by law, it is still highly recommended. Mobility scooter insurance is usually very cheap and covers you for several problems.

Most mobility scooter insurance will cover you for the following as standard:

  • Public liability. Most policies will usually offer £1-2 million, which will cover any claims for damage or injury to other people, or their property.

  • Accidental damage. If you do have an accident and your mobility scooter is damaged, you will be completely covered for any repairs or a replacement if it cannot be fixed.

  • Serious personal injury. This will usually include very serious injury. It may not include more minor injuries, such as broken bones. You should check your policy, as this will vary by provider.

  • Lost or stolen. If you lose your mobility scooter or it is stolen you will be covered for a replacement. This will usually also cover repairs for vandalism.

  • Personal items. You may also be covered for personal items carried on your scooter. For example, if your scooter is stolen and your mobile phone or other items are stored in, or on the scooter your insurance will usually cover these items.

  • Other people. Most policies will also cover other people using your mobility scooter. Providing they have your permission; they will have the same cover as the policy owner.

  • Cover abroad. Some insurance policies will also cover you whilst on holiday abroad

As you can see there are many benefits to insuring your mobility scooter. Even though you are not forced to take out a policy by law, it is recommended.

How much does mobility scooter insurance cost?

As a rule, mobility scooter insurance is very affordable. You should expect to pay between £40 and £70 per year. This will vary by the provider you choose, but most of the prices are quite similar.

The price will mainly depend on the value of your mobility scooter. For mobility scooters under £3000, you will generally be at the lower end of this price range.

Other things that could affect the price of your policy are the class of mobility scooter (Class 3 tends to be more expensive) and the age.

You will also have the option to add extra cover to your policy. This will include things like emergency breakdown cover and replacement keys. Again, this will largely depend on the policy provider, so you will need to check before deciding.

Overall mobility scooter insurance is quite cheap, and it is far better than the alternative. For example, if your scooter is lost, damaged or stolen, it is not a cheap item to replace. So, for the sake of a few pounds per month it is highly advised that you make sure you have insurance.

Does mobility scooter insurance mean I can drive on the road?

One common misconception people have, is that once your mobility scooter is insured, you can now take it on the road.

This is not the case. As we have already mentioned there are several different classes of mobility scooter. This is what will determine if you are allowed on the road.

The only mobility vehicle type that is allowed on the road. is a class 3 invalid carriage. This can be used on the road with or without insurance.

If you have a smaller class 2 scooter, it is not allowed on the road. This does not change if your scooter is insured. A class 2 scooter is too light and slow to be used on the road. It is also not fitted with the required safety features of a class 3 vehicle. This means they are a hazard to other road users.

Can you insure other mobility aids?

Most companies that provide mobility scooter insurance, will also provide other policies for wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs.

In general, you will find that electric wheelchair insurance is very similar in price to that of mobility scooters.

The main reason for this, is they are often similar in price. So, you should be able to insure an electric wheelchair from around £40+ per year.

Most companies will also insure manual wheelchairs. This is usually cheaper, and this is for obvious reasons. Manual wheelchairs tend to cost less than electric wheelchairs, so this is reflected in the policy price.

Manual wheelchair policies can be as cheap as £20 per year, which is less than £2 per month. Again, this is a very small price to pay for the peace of mind you will get, knowing you are covered.


So, do you need mobility scooter insurance? The answer is no. But the real question you should be asking, is should you get mobility scooter insurance? In most cases it seems like some insurance would be better than none. It covers you for a wide variety of different problems and it is usually quite cheap.

We hope you have found the information here useful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below

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