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Toilet Seats For Disabled – 4 Great Options

Specialist toilet seats for disabled people can be very useful bathroom aids. There are quite a few different types, and they are all designed to make visiting the bathroom easier.

For many people with mobility issues, using the toilet can be a challenge. This is often due to sitting and standing being more difficult. Attaching some form of toilet seat adjustment can make the process far easier.

In this article we will be looking at 4 main types of toilet seats for disabled people and explaining the benefits of each.

Raised toilet seats for disabled

raised toilet seats for disabled

A raised toilet seat is one of the simplest aids that can be used to make your toilet more accessible. This is an add-on that attaches to the existing toilet bowl, or seat and raises its height. Usually a standard raised seat will add between 50 – 200mm to your toilet seat.

Fitting a raised toilet seat is usually very simple. Most seats come with two fixing brackets that help you attach the raised seat to your existing toilet bowl. Securing the raised toilet seat is also very simple. It will just require you to tighten each bracket in place.

The quick one minute video below shows you how simple fitting this type of seat is:

As you can see this toilet seat for disabled people is very easy to install. Once it is added to the toilet, it can make sitting and standing up much easier. There are also options that come with extra padding on the seat for added comfort.

You can see a good example of a raised toilet seat here

Raised toilet seats with handles

raised toilet seat with handles

This option takes our first example one step further, by adding handles to your raised toilet seat. The handles give the user extra support when sitting down and standing back up.

Raised toilet seats with handles also come in a variety of heights. Again, this is usually between 50-200mm. This extra height makes accessing the toilet far easier and the handles aid in steadying the user. As well as allowing them to push with their arms when standing.

Fitting this type of toilet seat is very similar to a standard raised seat. In most cases you will not need any tools. The seat will simply sit in place and secure with adjustable brackets.

You can see a good example of a raised toilet seat here

Toilet frames and surround rails

mobray lite toilet frame

This option is not really a toilet seat and it doesn’t usually fit to your toilet. With that said they offer a very similar function to the first two options. They are often adjustable meaning that the height can be changed to suit the user. Plus, they also come with handrails that surround the toilet making sitting and standing much easier.

The main difference with a toilet frame is they are free standing. This means that they are not attached to the toilet bowl like the two previous toilet seats for disabled people.

Some surround rails will include the frame only and will not have a seat. These are just a way to add handrail supports around your toilet. However, there are models that do come with a seat built into the frame.

A good example of this type of frame is the Mowbray Lite toilet frame. This frame is height and width adjustable and comes complete with a seat. You can see a quick video below:

You can read more about the Mowbray Lite toilet frame here.

Automatic toilet lifts

automatic toilet lift

A toilet lift is a much more advanced toilet seat for disabled users. The previous 3 options will usually range in price from £20 – £100. However, a lift will usually be quite a bit more expensive. With that said they do make the process of using the toilet far easier and there are good options for under £300.

A toilet lift works in a very similar way to a rise and recline chair. It will usually have a button on the arm rest or frame, which can be used to raise and lower the toilet seat into place. This means that you can access the toilet seat from a standing position. Once you are in place you can then press the button to lower into a seating position. Following this you can be raised back to a standing position when leaving the toilet.

The major advantage of a toilet lift is the ease of use. It does not require any physical effort, on the part of the user. The lift does all the work, this can make it a great option for people who have difficulty in sitting and standing.

You can see a video of a toilet lift in action below.

To learn more about toilet lifts Click here

Toilet seat for disabled conclusion

As you can see there are some good options when it comes to help accessing the toilet. Most of the options are manual, very simple to use and take up very little additional space in your bathroom. This makes them extremely convenient and affordable options.

However, if you do want to spend that little bit more, a toilet lift could be a good option. It really is a case of weighing up the benefits. For most people a raised seat and supportive handles could easily be enough extra help. But for people with less mobility and less strength to lift themselves up from the seat, a lift could be a very good option.

Whichever ends up being the best option, they all serve their purpose very well. They allow the user to maintain their own privacy. Each one can eliminate the need for help when using the bathroom.

We hope you have found this information on toilet seats for disable people useful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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