Car hoists for mobility scooters and wheelchairs

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Car hoists for mobility scooters are a convenient way to make traveling with your scooter or wheelchair even easier. They are suitable for all different kinds of mobility aids.

Car hoists for mobility scooters

Whether you are planning on lifting a heavy scooter, or a lightweight mobility scooter, there will be a hoist that can do the job. Different models are available in the UK which can lift anywhere between 40–200kg.

Main benefit of car hoists for mobility scooters

The main benefit of installing a mobility scooter hoist is the extra freedom that this type of devise can give you. If you already own a mobility scooter or a wheelchair, then you will already have much more freedom around your local area. However, traveling further afield may be more difficult. Perhaps you rely on friends or relatives to help you transport your scooter or chair.

The advantage of car hoists for mobility scooters are that they are extremely easy to use and make moving your scooter quite effortless. You simply attach the hoist, press a button and your mobility scooter will be lifted into the car boot within a matter of seconds.

How car hoists for mobility scooters work

Mobility scooter car hoists are extremely simple to use. Whether you are being assisted by a friend or family member, they make placing your scooter in your vehicle extremely easy.

Most hoists fold away into one side of your car boot and extend out automatically at the press of a button. Once the hoist has extended out fully, it is attached to your scooter or wheelchair. Finally, you press a button and the mobility scooter hoist does all the heavy lifting.

In some instances, particularly those with a smaller car boot you may need to guide the hoist back into the boot. This is mainly to rotate your scooter into place and to avoid any scrapes or bumps on the way in. Even if this is the case, guiding the scooter in requires minimal effort.

The same process applies when you are taking your scooter out of the car. Simply press the button and your scooter will be lifted back out of your vehicle. Once placed on the floor outside, simply unattached the hoist and press the button to return it back into the boot.

Will a mobility scooter hoist fit in my car?

Car hoists for mobility scooters fit in a wide range of different vehicles. There are hoist manufacturers in the UK who can fit in over 400 different vehicles in the UK.

Whether a hoist will fit in your car depends on two main factors:

  1. The size of your boot
  2. The size of your mobility scooter or chair

Obviously, if you have an extremely small car boot and a very large mobility scooter or wheelchair, this may cause issues. However, it is always worth checking with the car hoist manufacturer, as they may have a solution that will suit your situation.

How easy are car hoists for mobility scooters to install?

Car hoists for mobility scooters and wheelchairs are quite quick and easy to install. They fit conveniently into the boot of your vehicle and are quite simple to assemble and attach.

With that said, it is unlikely that you will need to install the hoist yourself. Most companies who sell mobility scooter hoists will install everything for you. As this is a simple process it will usually only take a couple of hours to fit.

Alternatives to a mobility car hoist

There are some alternatives to car hoists for mobility scooters. The first option is a vehicle ramp. These ramps run from the floor and attach to the boot of your vehicle. Obviously, this is only suitable for larger vehicles, where you can wheel a full-sized scooter or chair into the back.

The other potential disadvantage is you may need to manually push your scooter into the open boot. So, there is more physical work required. This can be helped by installing a winch to pull your scooter into place.

The second alternative is a very lightweight folding mobility scooter or lightweight folding wheelchair. For example, a small scooter such as the MicroLite which only weighs 26kg might be an option.

Because this scooter is so light, a hoist may not be required. However, even at just 26kg some people still won’t be able to lift this scooter and a hoist could still be the best solution.


Car hoists for folding mobility scooters are a great option for people who have trouble lifting their mobility aids into their vehicle.

There are solutions which can fit most situations. The most important thing to do before you purchase is make sure your scooter or wheelchair and your vehicle are compatible. So always speak with a specialist before purchasing a car hoist.

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